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Senior Recruitment Consultant

"SAS Programming, Biostatistics and Epidemiology"

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What makes you an industry expert for DOCS Global Staffing?

Over 7 years experience working in specialized niche with large network of candidates and clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO arena.

Describe an ideal candidate for DOCS Global Staffing?

Experienced professional with proven track record, stable employment, and team player.

What separates DOCS Global Staffing from its competitors?

We are a specialized niche company focusing on quality rather than quantity.

What additional value do you provide your candidates?

In depth overview of our company and the market, knowldege and experience, competitive benefits and a pathway to work with leading pharmaceutical companies.

What gets you most excited about DOCS Global Staffing?

I believe in what I do and love helping people.

What does it take to be successful at DOCS Global Staffing?

Persistence, excellent customer service and a positive attitude!

What Industries does DOCS Global Staffing recruit from?

What jobs does DOCS Global Staffing recruit from?

Current Jobs from DOCS Global Staffing:

Jobs in Science & Biotech, Jobs in Sales & Sales Management,

Most used keywords from DOCS Global Staffing:

Inflammation jobs, Oncology jobs, Osteoperosis jobs, ISS jobs, ISE jobs, protocols jobs, statistical analysis plans jobs, SAS programming jobs, SAS programming jobs, Unix environment jobs, clinical trials jobs, CDISC jobs, SDTM jobs, ADaM jobs, safety jobs, efficacy jobs, tables jobs, listings jobs, graphs jobs, validation jobs

Where are the jobs from DOCS Global Staffing located?

Home Based, CA...

About DOCS Global Staffing

We deliver highly qualified consultants and regular full-time employees and project teams to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Dedicated to outstanding, responsive service, DOCS provides the resources clients need to quickly and efficiently take their products to market.