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Cody Jacinto

Sr. Recruitment Consultant

"Clinical Research/Data, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech"

Cody Jacinto is happy to answer questions about DOCS Global Backstage with Cody Jacinto

What makes you an industry expert for DOCS Global?

I have over 8+ years of successful recruiting experience in the Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical, Biotech Industries, with a proven track record of placing both contract and permanent clinical research professionals in both clinical and data positions.

Describe an ideal candidate for DOCS Global?

An ideal candidate for DOCS should have at least two years of industry experience. They should have a solid understanding of the clinical research industry and the drug development process and be well versed in different therapeutic areas. We prefer candidates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the Life Sciences or other similar areas.

What separates DOCS Global from its competitors?

We have been providing staffing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for thirty years and are known throughout the United States. We have a tenured recruiting staff with strong educational backgrounds that bring a strong knowledge of the clinical trials industry.

What additional value do you provide your candidates?

After joining DOCS our recruiters participate in best-in-class training and education classes that make them the most adept at matching qualified professionals with companies that need them. Also, our Client Services Account Management team, through frequent and meaningful communication, ensure both client and candidate satisfaction during the term of the service period, and beyond. DOCS also provides a competitive benefits package for applicable assignment lengths.

What gets you most excited about DOCS Global?

DOCS has a strong presence in the clinical research staffing industry. We are at the forefront of providing a first class service to our clients and candidates. It’s very exciting that DOCS continues to grow our business development and adapt with our industry.

What does it take to be successful at DOCS Global?

We know that our success depends upon the quality of the people that represent us and perform the work. This is why our proprietary recruiting process includes insightful candidate screening, in-depth interviews, and thorough credentials verification program. Our entire recruitment process is designed to help us deliver only the best.

What Industries does DOCS Global recruit from?

What jobs does DOCS Global recruit from?

Current Jobs from DOCS Global:

Jobs in Health & Wellness, Jobs in Science & Biotech, Jobs in Healthcare & Medical, Jobs in Research, Jobs in Science & Biotech, Jobs in Science & Biotech, Jobs in Clerical & Administrative,

Most used keywords from DOCS Global:

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Where are the jobs from DOCS Global located?

Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Biloxi, MS, Houston/Galveston, TX, Seattle, WA, San Francisco/San Jose, Oakland, Bay...

About DOCS Global

DOCS is a Global provider of resource solutions serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and related clinical trials industries. Companies seeking clinical research staffing services, as well as functional outsourcing services have come to rely on our expertise.